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For the buyers , our main service is a consistent  supply  of raw materials needed to maintain their production  at lower costs compared to our competitors. We bring suppliers close to our buyers . Below are the key points of our business focus:

RELIABILITY:  Buyers can see us not only today they will also see us tomorrow. Especially if they have a problem . Are people are here to be solve problems.

Trust is a hard-earned reward. We keep our promises at any cost. We are ready to loose but never , accept a loss of trust. CREDOY is a bridge between suppliers and buyers . CREDOY facilities this function through improved communications and stronger trading partnerships.

FOLLOW UP: We  are always around our Buyers. Even they forget ,we make them remember. Our commitment is to be the first one that the Buyers remember when they want to order. We are around , before they decide to order. Our business, mobile, and personal phones are always answered.  

PERSONAL CONFORMITY : We have a common business , sense with our clients. We share their business focus and employ , people with empathy. we are a small and very personalized company. We customize each transaction and each partnership around our clients’ individual and distinctive needs.  

PRICE: We commit to provide our clients with the lowest prices in the market in short, medium and long term. We do this , by taking special care on our costs . We know that we are not serving our clients with a high tech. Product but with a commodity. So we try to be low cost company . We do not put our clients Money on unnecessary personel , business, and luxury. We make our profits through , cost reduction and volume and through Buyers end prices. Also our financial allows us to reserve product, when prices are cheaper, for our customers’ future needs.

QUALITY OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES : We serve the Buyers with the products that is necessary for their production. For us quality is not a concept it is fact. Quality is supplying the requested product , at right conditions to our buyer.  

CREDIT TERM: We do not only supply our Buyers with goods, but also we supply them with the right credit they need to run their production.

LOGISTICS : It is the important part of our business . Our strength is to supply also small amounts of goods apart from big cargos ,fast to our clients . Just the moment they need the product at their factory . Offices of CREDOY is  3 floor buildings with second floor used for Office purposes and entrance and upper floor for raw material stocking up to 750 mton . The storage areas are used for the urgent  needs distribution of the clients. Apart from the inhouse stocking areas CREDOY has agreement with two warehouses  for continous supply of polymers.

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